Market Education

Do people know what you do and how you do it? What sets you apart from the competition? Why should people choose you over another? Market Education is about answering these questions.

Market Education Options

Do people know your company? What sets you apart? Why should they choose you? Market Education answers these Qs.

Profile Development

Reputation is the watermark of every PR campaign and we provide several key services in profile development including speaking opportunity generation, portfolio development, award submissions, and related supports to help you make your mark on the world. Our forward thinking team use their strategic nouse to maximise exposure through ensuring no opportunity for profile development is missed through leveraging speaking opportunities, exhibitions and even award shows. With a portfolio of existing 5,000+ attendee event clients around the world, our team have the expertise you need to help bolster and unearth any profile-building opportunities that arise.

Stakeholder Engagement

As you grow into other key markets, stakeholder engagement is an essential part of any impactful PR strategy. We provide an umbrella of research and outreach services to assist you in identifying and engaging with key stakeholders in your target cities and countries. From intergovernmental and state bodies, to corporations and local community influencers, we provide intelligence and outreach capability to source those connections that can prove crucial to your expansion.

Why ClearStory International?

We specialise in delivering global recognition for scaling technology companies through our global network of media contacts and editorial talent. We hire journalists to think like journalists and couple that with strategic thinking to ensure your objectives are met.

With a laser focus on the challenges facing globally ambitious emerging and scaling companies, we understand the growth journey. From seed to post-Series A stage companies we grow with you to provide the education, services, and expertise required to help you scale and manage your reputation and credibility.

With French, German, Spanish, English and Italian language capabilities and a network of global event partners across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia, we have established a network of journalist contacts from trade, national and international outlets across over 80 countries.

We hold three offices around the world and an expert team of advisors and researchers, we can provide you with a global public relations capability that will meet your needs.

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