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PR is a fast-paced, ever-changing field that provides ample career opportunities at different levels globally. Not only do we work with the world’s largest media outlets, but we also employ the best people.

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Who we are and what we care about

At ClearStory International we have two core objectives – to help clients scale their businesses globally through the most innovative PR campaigns, whilst helping our team grow and develop their expertise, regardless of role. We understand we can’t possibly do the former without the latter. After all, we are only as good as our people.

How we support our people

Our senior team has the experience and drive to provide industry-leading PR solutions for clients in the tech industry and beyond. We actively promote the qualities of continual learning, a growth mindset and personal development for people at all stages of their public relations careers.

Remote working

We support working from home and/or in shared workspaces during work hours to ensure that our team is in an environment that suits their needs. We pride ourselves in our people and our culture, with quarterly staff outings and regular team training days to help you get to know your colleagues, while maximizing your full potential.


We understand people have lives outside the workplace and this is why we offer a wellness hour once a week, for you to spend however you like. Whether you need to make an appointment or simply want an extended lunch, we understand that, at times, everyone needs some time out.


In order for you to reach your goals, we actively support and encourage further professional development and learning via education – if there is a course or scheme that will help you develop please let us know and we will try our best to help.


Global PR provides opportunities like no other and we actively encourage our team to travel and network at some of the world’s leading tech conferences. See the globe like never before and gain unrivaled PR experience through meeting some of the world’s biggest founders, investors and media.


We often get asked about what a typical day looks like. Luckily for us, each one is different, regardless of each team member’s role. We believe variety, gaining as much experience and exposure alongside advancing your own PR skills is hugely important. To provide you with better insight into what working at ClearStory International is like, please see the testimonials from our team members below.

“When I first pursued a career in journalism it was because I wanted every working day to be different, after all, Charlotte Bronte once said that “I feel monotony and death to be almost the same.”

With that in mind, I was sceptical that a move to PR would suit me. But with ClearStory’s wide range of clients – I feel that more so now than ever I am enjoying a rich and varied career.

I have become well-versed in a wide variety of industries and topics since joining, and every day brings something new and exciting.

My creativity is encouraged and I have been given both the support and freedom to enjoy my role here. The work environment is engaging and the co-workers and managers are kind and helpful, which really helped with the transition

Overall I am delighted with my decision and couldn’t recommend ClearStory more to those looking for a career in PR.”

– Ryan O’Rourke, Account Executive

“When I first began working at ClearStory International it was at the height of the pandemic. Movements were restricted, strict social distancing was in place and the world, which up until that point had been vast, suddenly became claustrophobically small. The same four walls, day in and day out kind of small.

So when countries worldwide got a handle on COVID-19 and started to reopen, I began researching the life of a digital nomad. I had always wanted to travel, but it seemed like a bit of a pipe dream. Once I had built up my experience and proven I could take on any task at hand, I broached it with my manager and boss and found myself on a plane to Palermo, Sicily. Not long after that I booked a six-week trip to Zakynthos, Athens and Hydra.

Working for ClearStory has given me the opportunity to work from almost anywhere, travel and see the world, with very little compromise on my part. It is an experience that has had an immensely positive effect both in my personal and professional life.

As a Senior Account Executive with a broad range of dynamic clients, no two days are ever the same, so it seems fitting to have added this extra layer to the adventure.”

– Laura Varley, Senior Account Executive

“The personal and professional growth I’ve experienced through working for ClearStory has been significant. I began my career in ClearStory as an intern, later progressing to Account Executive and currently Partnerships Executive, which I find a lot more engaging and fulfilling.

After having many different jobs in different industries there are a couple of things I really like about working for ClearStory.

The first, and most important is the team. The ClearStory team is a strong group of individuals. I know that I can always contact someone and ask for help and guidance with projects at any time. In addition to this, James McCann and the other Senior Directors have never left me feeling like I couldn’t ask a question or look for help.
As a newbie to the PR world two years ago I had to ask people to explain things to me multiple times. I was never refused a refresher call or had anyone call me out for not knowing something. The Directors are always on hand to help with work or give advice.
I feel like I work with James and the other Directors rather than just for them.

To summarise, if you want to work somewhere where people have your back and help you learn and develop your skills, whilst also enjoying team culture then ClearStory may be the right fit for you.”

– John Collett, Partnerships Executive


We are growing our team and recruiting for the following roles in Dublin, Ireland:

PR Consultant

Why ClearStory ClearStory International is one of the fastest growing international PR agencies in the world working with founders and companies at the cutting edge of technology. From Cleantech, Blockchain, Fintech and others, the companies we work with are looking...

Senior Account Executive

ClearStory International is a renowned international public relations agency headquartered in Dublin boasting clients across more than 20 countries. Some of these include governments, intergovernmental organisations, accelerators, scaleups and startups. We work with...


ClearStory International was established in 2017 by James McCann in Dublin, Ireland, with a focus on working with the world’s most promising early-stage startups to tell their story anywhere in the world.

Since then ClearStory has grown to a team of 15 working with more than 30+ clients across more than 15 countries. Using the latest technology, we are working to reshape the nature of global PR by adopting a flexible, transparent approach to client servicing.

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