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You don’t have just 1 or 2 key markets, you more than likely have 5 or 10. You need to control costs, achieve tangible deliverables for your investors and grow quickly in a crowded marketplace. We get that. 

We are a globally focused PR agency for startups.
Startup PR is our speciality. 

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Narrative Creation

Narrative creation is a crucial element of reputation building and management. 

A compelling company story told in the right way and to the right audience, allows you to build the growth narrative needed to maintain your credibility and propel market trajectory. 

Our team of former journalists work with you to create your company narrative that incorporates your objectives, positioning and key messaging.

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Profile Development 

We provide several key services in profile development including speaking opportunity generation, portfolio development, award submissions, and related supports.

Our team makes sure no opportunity for profile development is missed ensuring promotional support at speaking opportunities, exhibitions, and award shows. With a portfolio of existing 5,000+ attendee event clients around the world, we have expertise in helping our clients make the most out of their profile-building opportunities. 

Learn more about our portfolio of event clients below.

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Strategic Consultancy

We provide specialised C-suite strategic advisory for scaling companies around the world. 

With a team comprising of former journalists, senior political and business advisors as well as experienced researchers, we provide a full strategic consultancy function. 

From media and investor intelligence to funding announcements, strategic positioning and messaging, we ensure our clients have access to the information and advice they need to succeed. 

To meet our team of experts, follow the link below.

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Stakeholder Engagement

As you grow into other key markets, stakeholder engagement can become key to building relationships on the ground.

We provide research and outreach services to enable you to identify and engage with key stakeholders in target cities and countries. From intergovernmental and state bodies, to corporations and local community influencers, we provide intelligence and outreach capability to source the connections crucial to your expansion.

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Reputation Building & Reputation Management

Credibility is often an unseen and under-appreciated resource at many scaling companies. 

If not built or managed correctly it can impact future opportunities that can see companies grow. 

We specialise in helping scaling companies build and manage their credibility and reputation by progressively scaling the rankings of media outlets to consistently generate top tier media coverage keeping your market credibility at its peak in the markets wherever you need it.

If you would like to explore the outlets and sectors we work with, take a look at our coverage or client references.

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From trade to national publications, generating awareness of your company can provide the momentum needed to secure interest in your product or service and reduce friction in your sales pipeline.

Complementary to credibility building and management, awareness campaigns ensure you remain in the spotlight in your key markets. Our campaigns are structured to ensure your company stays in the news.

Take a look at our case study guide to see the effectiveness of our awareness campaigns.

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