Brand Awareness

How known to the industry are you? Awareness is about establishing your brand’s visibility in the industry. Brands need to be seen to be recognised

brand Awareness Service Options

We can help raise awareness of your company’s brand identity with the following service options:

build Awareness

From trade to national publications, generating a solid level of awareness of your company can provide the momentum needed to secure interest in your product or service and reduce friction in your sales pipeline. Complementary to credibility building and management, awareness campaigns ensure you remain in the spotlight in your key markets. Our campaigns are structured to ensure your company makes headlines everywhere and maintains an overarching presence within your carefully selected target countries.

Speaking Opportunities

Speaking opportunities are a great way to get your mission/vision/purpose out there in a direct and intimate way. Being physically present, able to share your thoughts, knowledge and experiences with people in real-time and connect with them via Q&A means that you can carry your message more impactfully. Through our global events division, we can help you grow your presence within key markets by advising you on suitable speaking opportunities.

Why ClearStory International?

We specialise in delivering global recognition for scaling technology companies through our global network of media contacts and editorial talent. We hire journalists to think like journalists and couple that with strategic thinking to ensure your objectives are met.

With a laser focus on the challenges facing globally ambitious emerging and scaling companies, we understand the growth journey. From seed to post-Series A stage companies we grow with you to provide the education, services, and expertise required to help you scale and manage your reputation and credibility.

With French, German, Spanish, English and Italian language capabilities and a network of global event partners across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Southeast Asia, we have established a network of journalist contacts from trade, national and international outlets across over 80 countries.

We hold three offices around the world and an expert team of advisors and researchers, we can provide you with a global public relations capability that will meet your needs.

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