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Unsure of the difference between PR & Marketing, or wondering if your company will actually benefit from a proven and trusted campaign? Why not take a look at some of our recent blogs that explain everything you need to know in bitesize terms, or even easier, schedule a casual chat with our MD James McCann?

Building credibility through op-eds and thought leadership

Building credibility through op-eds and thought leadership

Why PR is SO much more than press releases - part II In a previous post on the subject, our Senior Director, Rebecca Lee, explained that PR is significantly more than just churning out press releases. She noted the importance of, not just storytelling, but of...

Managing PR clients at big tech conferences and events

Managing PR clients at big tech conferences and events

How PR’ing Yourself at a Tech Conference Can Be Both A Blessing And A Curse! hile it can be busy and the pressure is high, attending a tech event to support a Founder is very rewarding and can super-boost a PR campaign, enhancing media relations...

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So, who in the world are we?

Considered as one of the top PR firms for startups, our team at ClearStory International specialise in delivering global recognition for determined technology companies through our global network of media contacts and editorial talent in over 80 countries.

With a laser focus on the challenges facing globally ambitious early stage and scaling companies, we understand the growth journey. From seed to post-Series A stage companies, we grow with our clients to provide the education, services, and expertise they need to help scale and manage their reputation and credibility.

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Pat O’Connor – Founder B&W

Pat O’Connor – Founder

“ClearStory helped us gain targeted coverage with audiences in Ireland and the UK. They secured high profile coverage with BBC World News TV, BBC World Service Radio and a host of newspapers.”

Susan Comyn – Marketing Manager B&W

Susan Comyn – Marketing Manager

“Their understanding of the tech landscape was really reassuring. I felt we were going to get the best opportunities and exposure for our business. The perfect agency for a start-up.”