Europe + South-East Asia (Dec – April)

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted entire industries as governments, companies and societies scramble to adjust to a new reality. 

As COVID-19 has unfolded, journalists from around the world have been meticulously analysing public response and keeping track of how companies are adapting by using technology to overcome a wave of unprecedented challenges.

Technologies largely seen as complementary have now become essential to business continuity while others have been rapidly deemed surplus to requirements as budget cuts bring business needs into focus. The sudden impact of the crisis and its effects on the world have shaken public sentiment across politics, technology and business, rather like an earthquake posing long term ramifications.

ClearStory International has provisionally analysed recent tech trends across the UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore to assess the immediacy of the crisis and identify which tech sectors quickly found themselves in the spotlight.

This report covers the period from 2nd December 2019 to 5th April 2020. It includes seven identified tech trends which have dominated the media and plots their course over that period monitored. This is a provisional report and we plan to release a wider analysis covering more than 15 countries from June to December 2020 as the crisis unfolds.

We hope this study will be of use to industry stakeholders, journalists and others in providing insights for crisis preparedness and response across the communications industry into the future.

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