Tech Trends Report: Ireland – Issue 2, 2020

ClearStory International Tech Trend Report for IRELAND - Issue 2 2020

Download our Tech Trends Report for Ireland below to explore changing trends in media coverage of tech trends in Ireland, between 1st June 2019 and 30th May 2020.

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Tech Trends: Ireland 2020, Issue 2 – Summary

The total volume of tech coverage across Ireland has decreased by 1.74% from 42,219 to 41,485 articles across 37 tech topics between the period 1st June 2019 to 30th May 2020 compared to the same period the previous year. The decrease in tech coverage comes at a time when newsroom resources are dwindling with further job losses announced over the past 12 months coupled with a busy news agenda and the closure or scaling back of some major titles. 

The ‘COVID-19 effect’ is very visible, with topics such as video conferencing and remote working recording the highest surges in coverage of 274% and 453% respectively along with Virtual Conferencing which largely didn’t feature in any publications in 2018. Outside of COVID-19 influence, the only other notable coverage increase was with respect to Esports which saw an increase of coverage of 67%.  Download the report at the link below for detailed breakdowns and further insights.


Download the full Tech Trends Report for Ireland to view the rest of the data (PDF file, opens in new tab)


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