Tech Trends Report: Hong Kong – Issue 2, 2020

Download our Tech Trends Report for Hong Kong below to explore changing trends in media coverage of tech in Hong Kong, between 1st May 2019 and 30th April 2020.

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Tech Trends: Hong Kong 2020, Issue 2 – Summary


Hong Kong saw a drop of more than 13% in its tech coverage, likely due to column inches being sucked up with news of protests. This contrasts sharply with the UK which saw a big rise (35%+) driven by COVID-19 tech adoption for the same period. Singapore meanwhile remained largely stagnant with tech coverage rising by just 2%.

Hong Kong’s tech media coverage has experienced big drops in Robotics, Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity, IoT and Data Protection. Globally, falling trends include Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. IoT and Machine Learning saw falls in the UK, while Virtual Reality and Cybersecurity had falls in Singapore.

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