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ClearStory International delivers international PR services to ambitious technology companies, building global recognition through our extensive network of media contacts. Our expertise aligns with the unique challenges faced by early-stage and scaling tech companies. But what exactly is ‘Tech PR’ and how does it work?

How Do we approach ‘Tech PR’ or ‘PR for Tech’?

Our PR consultancy is focused on helping Tech Startups scale and grow through our four core pillars: Brand Awareness, Reputation Building, Market Education and Market Positioning.

So what is PR, and how does it relate to Tech?

PR or Public Relations is all about managing and directing the flow of information about a company or individual to influence the public perception of that company or individual.

PR, or at least the type of organic PR that we engage in at ClearStory International, is all about telling a story. We develop a narrative about our client and then ‘Pitching’ that story to a relevant journalist or publication. The journalist then writes about it out of genuine interest and can fill their column inches, while our client gets the exposure. A win-win, symbiotic relationship.

Is PR the same as advertising or Marketing?

While PR is is related to advertising and marketing, it is not the same. Advertising and marketing will tend to focus on delivering a simple message through paid content. PR is focused a building a detailed narrative that is of interest to journalists, and then using that to develop and nurture a lasting and useful relationship between your brand and the media.

Where does the Tech come into ‘TECH PR’?

Firstly, ‘Tech’ covers a vast and evergrowing field of industry and research. Everything from Fintech, Agtech and Cleantech to more niche areas such as Funeral Tech and ‘The Internet of Underwater Things’.

There are nearly as many publications, news sites and journalists covering these tech niches as there are tech niches.

PR for Tech or Tech PR then is about helping our clients develop a narrative about themselves that will appeal to these publications and journalists. But there is a great deal more to it than that. There is a multitude of crossover between Tech sectors, business and industry not to mention more traditional news outlets who will frequently have a tech section.

The role of a Tech PR consultancy like ClearStory is to exploit these crossover points so that our clients are getting regular coverage across a wide range of publications and not just niche, special-interest sites where the readership is small. We also ensure that where a publication is more generalist we are pitching to a journalist who understands the Tech, science and innovation involved and can represent it fairly and authentically so that our client’s narrative isn’t subsumed into a general interest piece.

Navigating these relationships and fostering new ones is a highly developed skillset that only a few PR consultancies have, fewer still focus on organic, earned media. ClearStory is committed to providing a tailored approach to each of our clients to ensure the maximum coverage in the most relevant publications.

How can I learn more?

If you’ve found this information useful you can find even more insights, hits and tips over on our blog page. Or, if you feel ready to take the plunge and work with a PR agency please feel free to reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or book a 15 minute call with us today. You can also learn more about our different PR services here.

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