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What is PR for Startups? How does it work? How does it help? And what makes ClearStory International the leader in it?

What is PR and how does it relate to Startups? 

PR or Public Relations is about managing and directing the flow of information about a company or individual to influence public perception of that company or individual.  Our agency is focused on helping Tech Startups use PR to scale and grow.

Isn’t Startup PR just advertising and marketing by another name?

While PR is related to advertising and marketing, it’s not the same. Advertising and marketing focuses on delivering a simple message through paid content. While PR focuses on building a detailed narrative that is of interest to journalists, and then using that to develop and nurture a lasting and useful relationship between your brand and the media.

PR, or at least the organic PR ClearStory engages in, is about telling a story, developing a narrative about our client and ‘Pitching’ that to a journalist or publication. The journalist then writes about it out of genuine interest and can fill their column inches and our client gets the exposure. A win-win symbiotic relationship.

How does PR relate to Startups specifically? 

A Startup is a company that is typically, though not always, in the early stages of development. This development can be financial – in terms of funding, it could be about generating awareness in the industry or it could be about trying to attract partners or customers. ClearStory deals with these through our four core pillars of Brand Awareness, Reputation Building, Market Education and Market Positioning.

We recognise that the startup stage is the most important and defining stage of a company’s development. It’s the time when you are writing your narrative, setting out who you are and what you do, your value adds to the market and your USP. It’s also the stage at which most companies fail – either from lack of funding, lack of awareness or just not getting the right type of coverage or none at all.

This is where ClearStory International comes in: we are adept at helping companies at startup stage navigate the choppy waters of PR, press coverage and events. We can help you distill your message down to the essentials and then get it out into the world. We facilitate speaking engagements at events and promote companies over the full spectrum of media, from traditional print through to podcasts and online coverage. 

How can I learn more about Startup PR?

If you’ve found this information useful you can find even more insights, hits and tips over on our blog page. Or, if you feel ready to take the plunge and work with a PR agency please feel free to reach out to us using the contact form at the bottom of the page, or book a 15 minute call with us today. You can also learn more about our different PR services here.

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