Today we published our first tech trends report for the United Kingdom, Singapore and Hong Kong conducted between 1st May 2019 and 30th April 2020, adding to our existing reports for Ireland and our recently issued special report on COVID-19 tech trends in May. 

For PR professionals in any space, media trends are of crucial importance, especially given the recent stress media outlets have been under since the onset of COVID-19.

Across the world, newsroom resources have been slashed and news sections cut with them. Couple that with an onslaught of significant local and international news and it’s not hard to see how media trends have shifted dramatically in the last year.

As a tech centred PR agency, we began publishing annual reports on the health of startup media and tech trends in 2019 in Ireland and have now expanded our research into key media markets across Europe and Southeast Asia including the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong. Later this year we will be further expanding our research to France, Italy, Germany and Thailand.

Our latest research releases featuring the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong point to the level that recent political and health crises have impacted tech media coverage. The UK saw a big rise in tech coverage up 35%+ driven by COVID-19 tech adoption whereas Hong Kong saw a drop of more than 13%, likely due to column inches being sucked up with news of protests. Singapore remained largely stagnant with tech coverage rising by just 2%.

COVID-19 had a significant impact across the board which we highlighted in our COVID-19 trend report seeing new trends surge in significance including Video Conferencing, Remote Working and Virtual Conferences. Other rising trends include Data Protection, and Messaging.

 Trends falling globally include Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology while IoT and Machine Learning saw falls in the UK, Virtual Reality and Cybersecurity had falls in Singapore and Hong Kong experienced big drops in Robotics, Virtual Reality, Cybersecurity, IoT and Data Protection. 

To view these and our previous reports, take a look at our Tech Trends Report page here. You can also subscribe to be the first to know when we release the next report.

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