My PR Role: Getting to Grips with Emerging Tech Trends

Artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning. These are just some of the tech trends that I have come across in my time at Clearstory International. We hear of many different emerging technologies coming to market, but staying ahead of these technology trends is the difference between leading with expertise and being left behind in the dust. With trends like machine learning and data-driven technology becoming increasingly popular across all industries, we can see how technology is revolutionising the way we do business, with high-tech applications becoming fundamental in our daily lives.

So how do you keep up and get to grips with these emerging trends?

Industry research

Things move at a fast pace in the tech industry and so it is crucial to have a ‘never stop learning’ attitude when it comes to this sector. In PR it is essential to stay competitive and up to date with your client’s industry, and there is no shortage of reports and digital sources to help with this. Some of my favourites include annual tech trend reports by Deloitte, which offers key insights and actionable advice for business and technology leaders, and McKinsey Global Institute that offer an array of reports on emerging technologies and innovation trends.

Follow tech news

Working in tech PR you will get to know more trade and industry-specific outlets that would not only offer excellent placements for your clients but will also assist you in getting a grasp on the kind of technologies you are immersed in. Reading thought leaders pieces and news updates in industry publications such as TechCrunch, Wired, TechRadar and The Verge will keep you informed, and offer comprehensive articles and insights into complex matters. This information will help you when creating your client campaign strategy and seeking the appropriate coverage for your clients. With technology changing at such a fast rate, it is important to follow competitors and industry leaders, staying current on innovations that can lead to business opportunities.

So now that you have this knowledge and feel up to date with your sector, how do you leverage this to gain the appropriate media attention for your campaigns?

Attracting Media attention

It is important to remember that as PR professionals, we are looking for good coverage for our clients, but journalists are looking for a good story. So it is our job to create and pitch relevant and newsworthy stories that will catch the attention of busy journalists and also spark their interest. A journalist will not respond kindly to a PR professional who hasn’t done their research. This is where the above industry knowledge comes into play. With insights on the latest emerging tech trends, your pitches will automatically become more tailored to the journalists you are approaching. Through following the latest tech news, you have the ability to inject your ideas and client expertise into a breaking news story in the industry and create a timely piece that will be of interest to publications in that sector, potentially even drawing the attention of top-tier media.

Journalists are actively looking for worthwhile sources to include in their articles, and are probably receiving a hundred pitches in their inbox a day. It is our job as PR professionals to do the research, read the reports, and create exciting and relevant stories that cut through the noise.[/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column]

Lauren Fetherston

Lauren Fetherston is a communications professional and a journalism graduate from TUD School of Media, joining Clearstory international as an Account Executive in February of 2020. With experience as a freelance broadcaster and journalist under her belt, Lauren now specialises in PR for data-driven analytics and big tech companies, breaking stories for a wide range of global clients stretching across the big data, fintech, and, Medtech sectors.

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