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Julia Tereno

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How PR’ing Yourself at a Tech Conference Can Be Both A Blessing And A Curse!

While it can be busy and the pressure is high, attending a tech event to support a Founder is very rewarding and can super-boost a PR campaign, enhancing media relations and generating potential interviews and opportunities galore! But it’s no easy feat as there are plates to spin to make these events a success for a client.

While events are great for networking and generating leads, a significant part of having a presence on the PR side is helping to deliver face-to-face opportunities for Founders who may have a stand or a speaking slot. These initiatives where Founders can meet the media are of extreme importance to companies, with many going all in to enhance both their brand awareness and close new deals.

Unfortunately for PR agencies, attending an event or conference where a client is present can be both a blessing and a curse. While there is great value in being in close contact with your client and having direct access to the spokesperson, there is additional pressure to deliver results fast. To help generate traction, the PR team should start to work around the event several days – sometimes weeks – earlier to generate a few interviews or even meet and greets in advance and ensure journalists will meet the spokesperson and visit the company’s stand. This can prove very valuable, depending on client responsiveness as it can convert into a published piece in the future and help strengthen the relationship between yourself, the journalist, and your client.

While at the event, many journalists, caught up in the hustle and bustle, will want to be led to the stand, especially in large venues, such as Dublin Tech Summit or Techsauce Global Summit. This is why it is important for the PR team to be present and alert. It is also a great opportunity for PR professionals who can double-job, by meeting their media counterparts and having a quick in-person catch-up, before then getting the client involved. 

As easy as all that sounds, the work doesn’t end once the event is over! In the following weeks, PR people must rekindle contact with the media, and stay in close contact with the client to source further information, and images, and additional interviews. Tech conferences and events are fantastic opportunities for startups and a good PR agent will be able to do all the above and more to ensure Founders really do get the most out of attending tech conferences.


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