How to get featured in 3 Top European Fintech publications

James McCann

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Fintech and coverage of the Fintech sector has boomed over the last decade. According to Boston Consulting Group (BCG) the Fintech sector is set to grow from a revenue of $245 billion to $1.5 trillion by 2030, a sixfold increase. If you’re involved in Fintech in any way then being aware of breaking Fintech news is a necessity.

Here are three of the top fintech publications in Europe and some advice on how to approach them:

  1. The Fintech TimesThe UK
    The Fintech Times is a well-known publication that has been going since 2016. Based in London they have readership across the world and claim to receive 65,000+ unique visitors online every month. Their coverage ranges from Paytech, Regtech and Insurtech to Banking, Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. Their Bi-weekly News Roundup covers the latest updates under Funding and investments, Industry movers and Partnerships.  With the UK being the financial capital of Europe, coverage in a UK publication is very beneficial and the FIntech Times is a key part of this. Claire Woffenden is the editor.

  2. Nordic Fintech Magazine  – The Nordics
    Covering Fintech news in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia and Iceland northern Europe is covered in full by Nordic Fintech Magazine. Established in 2021 they cover the full range of topics one of which includes ‘Ethical Finance’ which covers topics on sustainability and impact investing. The Nordics are often overlooked in Europe but with a great deal of natural resources being located there they are a wealthy region with an ever-growing Fintech sector. Chris Crespo is a founding partner and chief editor.
  3. Payments and Banking – Germany
    Based in Munich but with staff across Germany, Payments and Banking has been going since 2011 and is very well established at this point. One of the key features of this publication is its use of infographics to tell a story. A self-styled ‘independent business hub’ they cover topics such as payments, banking, Fintech, crypto and digital assets. Claiming over 600,000 pageviews annually, a podcast with 350,000 + plays and four specialist conferences, Payment and Banking covers all the bases in all the formats. Germany is at the center of European business and commerce. Coverage in a German publication is essential if you want to crack Western Europe as a whole. Christina Cassala is the head of content.

Tips on getting coverage!
Getting organic coverage can be tricky but here are a couple of tips that could help:

  • Make sure that what you are pitching is relevant to the publication. If your product or service is Regtech or Insurtech then don’t pitch to a publication with a different interest.
  • Tie your pitch in with current events, the more it fits with the current news cycle the better – however, don’t shoehorn it in if it just doesn’t work.  
  • Don’t fill your pitch with buzzwords or marketing jargon, this is off-putting for journalists and they’ll edit it out anyway. 
  • Try to localise any news you have to the publication or their readership. If it’s a UK publication, frame things from that perspective.
  • Lastly, consider the cost-benefits of engaging with a professional PR consultancy. 

James McCann

Managing Director at ClearStory International James McCann is CEO of ClearStory International, a Dublin based international tech PR agency working exclusively with early-stage startups from around the world. Before establishing ClearStory, James was a former PR Campaign Manager with Web Summit, responsible for attracting top tier media to the company’s events across Dublin, Lisbon, Bangalore and Hong Kong. He currently lectures on Digital PR to final year students at the Institute of Art, Design & Technology, Dun Laoghaire, Dublin.

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