We’re releasing our research on what the biggest COVID-19 tech trends of 2020 are shaping up to be.

The suddenness of COVID-19’s arrival has brought with it massive challenges for society, business and governments around the world.

It’s also likely to be the story of the new decade before it even got a start. Its impact will likely be felt for years to come and, similar to the Spanish flu of 1918, will leave scars in the memories of those it impacts and the societies it touches.

There will be and have already been many studies and analysis of the impact of COVID-19 across a field of sectors and industries and we wanted to play our part in contributing to the build-up of knowledge. As such, we took a look at how quickly certain media trends landed in the spotlight as COVID-19 took hold with a view of equipping professional communicators on the pattern of catastrophe communications for the future. 

We have published a provisional report on tech media trends across Ireland, Singapore, UK and Hong Kong covering the period December 2019 – April 2020 which is available to download here

Our full report will be published in December 2020 analysing a wider group of trends across 15 countries to assess the tech landscape once the dust has settled on COVID-19. 

Will remote working remain the most talked about tech trend or will things go back to normal? Will video conferencing keep its allure and how much of a window of opportunity do brands have in a catastrophe to make an impact?

If you wish to be alerted about our full COVID-19 tech trend report simply download our preliminary report here and we’ll alert you once the full report is released.

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