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Together, let’s start to discover your authentic story.

Begin to understand the bigger picture behind your journey and, therefore, the bigger opportunities that lie open to you.


From early beginnings to global expansion scaling your reputation across multiple markets brings about significant challenges and questions.

With experience across some of the world’s most challenging markets and with a multilingual team, we can help you scale your reputation across multiple markets simultaneously.


As you scale across multiple markets you need a team of specialists who can respond to your needs quickly. From funding announcements to launches and partnerships, we will help you maximize your impact around the world.

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Dimitri Kouchnirenko – Founder, Incomlend

“They have solid links and understanding of the international and local media landscape, while being able to craft adapted strategies and messages for our business.”

Company: Incomlend

Market: Emerging

Industry: Fintech

Country: Singapore

Service Provided: Funding annoucements

Pat O’Connor – Founder

“ClearStory helped us gain targeted coverage with audiences in Ireland and the UK. They secured high profile coverage with BBC World News TV, BBC World Service Radio and a host of newspapers.”

Company: VRAI

Market: Emerging

Industry: VR

Country: Ireland

Service Provided: Funding annoucements

Susan Comyn – Marketing Manager

“Their understanding of the tech landscape was really reassuring. I felt we were going to get the best opportunities and exposure for our business. The perfect agency for a start-up.”

Company: Occupop

Market: Startup

Industry: HRtech

Country: Ireland

Service Provided: Thought Leadership

Shane Craddock – CEO, Consulting

“ClearStory provide a super communications service that is metric and results driven – their work has helped me to expand my own brand’s reach and impact.”

Company: Shane Cradock

Market: Startup

Industry: Consulting

Country: Ireland

Service Provided: Thought Leadership

Alan Holland – Alan Holland, CEO

“Immensely helpful and valuable. Attracted coverage of a Series A funding announcement across many countries. ClearStory coordinated planning and announcements impeccably.”

Company: Keelvar

Market: Expanding

Industry: Artificial Intelligence

Country: Ireland

Service Provided: Funding annoucements

Art Shectman – Innovation Accelerant

“The only PR firm we’ve found who totally nailed the understanding of our differentiators and the right kinds of placements. Massively outsized results compared to other PR firms.”

Company: Elephant Ventures

Market: Emerging

Industry: Digital Transformation

Country: United States

Service Provided: Launch

Media Coverage Case Studies Booklet

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If you’re ready, we’re ready to listen.

We’re ready to engage with and understand your excitement as you stride towards the next, important step.

Across North America, EMEA and Southeast Asia, our unique PR approach recognises the growing needs of emerging companies in building brand awareness, establishing credibility, educating the marketplace and company positioning, in new territories.

Let’s deliver an authentic, compelling narrative that influences listeners, inspiring them to adopt the same vision as you.